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Caslon Font is an aesthetic old-style serif typeface. This font was created in London by a very creative designer named William Caslin. This is an old-style typeface that gained very much popularity in the past era, but this font is also very popular among designers. Many designers and organizations are still demanding this type.

It was published through a Caslon Type Foundry and it comes in 6 unique variations from Regular to Bold Italic. IT has very unique glyphs and characters including ascenders and descenders, punctuations, numbers, and some special characters. This font style is fully free except for your commercial projects.

How to Use Caslon Font in Your Designs?

This typeface has a very simple and clear look that was specially made for graphic designing like logo design. But you can also utilize it in many other projects and places. Many users use this typeface in for advertisements like banners, posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, novels, YouTube thumbnails, wedding and business cards, and many other purposes.

There is an online platform that helps you generate this font through an online font generator tool. This tool does not need to download a font zip file, it generates any type of font directly with just one click. This font is also easily uploaded to your designing software or applications including adobe photoshop, illustrator, Canva, figma, and many others. This font style looks very similar to the sabon font.

Display of Caslon Font

Caslon Font

Caslon Font

Caslon Font Pairings and Combinations

To achieve an exclusive and eye-catching design, it is essential to pair this font with any other unique typeface to get a new attractive texture. So i have so many choices to combine it. They are given below:

Caslon Font Copyright

The author has licensed this font, meaning it cannot be used for commercial projects without permission. Please obtain permission from the author before using it commercially.

Where to Get Caslon Font Free?

Simply click on the download button below to get this top-notch typeface. This font file is intended for personal use only.


What is the Caslon font used for?

Caslon font is commonly used for making logo designs. You can also utilize it for making printing projects.

Is Caslon a good typeface?

Caslon Font is good for all types of graphic and printing projects. Further, it’s very easy to read and safe for your operating systems.

Is Caslon a Google font?

This font style is not available on the Google store but it is present in the Adobe Store. You can easily get this font from our website.

Is Caslon a modern typeface?

This is an old-style typeface that gained very much popularity in the past era, but this font is also very popular among designers.

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