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Today, I would like to shed light on the Manyland font that was masterfully developed by Jason Zhao in 2012. It is a unique handwritten style that includes both trendy and retro design elements. The aim was to design a typeface that should be adaptable and will remain intact. 

This exquisite typeface’s texture is suitable for both print and digital applications and even shows remarkable results when used for small-sized texts or body content purposes. Despite having a bold and geometric structure, it has a more comfortable and natural feel because of its smooth curves. 

Moreover, this splendid typeface is extremely legible and appropriate for both headings and body writing purposes. However, the Art Deco Corporation and Bauhaus Movement design style inspired this typeface.

How to Use Manyland Fonts in Your Designs?

Almost any form of design project, including printed materials can be developed using this complex typeface. Your project will come into existence and appear bigger than usual if you simply utilize some extra graphic designs along with your imagination.

If you want to create a greeting card, a package, a brand identity, a craft project, a title for an article, a company logo, or to engrave letters on an engagement ring then you must go with this gorgeous typeface. When in need of a font with style and characters, look no further than the blackjack font as it perfectly aligns with the font mentioned.

Manyland Font

You can optimize this splendid typeface to create a vibrant historical design, a classic project, or any other art or design project that you want to seem lovely and trendy. You can play around with all the amazing shapes and patterns of this exceptional typeface. 

Display Of Manyland Font

This exquisite typeface is based on many intricate features. There are Latin and Japanese character sets available for it. It is compatible with the Selima font. It is a multifaceted typeface that can be optimized with a variety of programs and software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, and many more.

Manyland Font

This fabulous typeface is offered in two weights: Regular and Bold. It also comprised a stunning set of characters including accented characters, ligatures, and glyphs along with a support of multilingual characters.

Furthermore, this lettering style provides an outstanding solution for designs that require a handcrafted typeface with a contemporary yet vintage style. It is quite useful for copying and pasting initiatives. With its help of it, you can quickly replicate any text and paste it into any assignment without facing any troublesome situations.

Font Information

NameManyland Font
DesignerJason Zhao
LicenseFree for Personal use

Manyland Font Pairings

Following are some font pairing suggestions that can go well with this sophisticated typeface for various purposes:

Manyland Font License Info

This awesome typeface is offered in two variants: TrueType and OpenType. The OpenType version is free for personal use and doesn’t require any license. On the other hand, if you want to utilize its TrueType version then you are advised to purchase its license before implying it in any commercial-based project. 

Manyland Font Free Download

You can easily get the free version of this mind-blowing typeface from our website. The download link is provided below and you have to click on the download button to include it in your font’s list.


Where can I use the Manyland Font?

It is a multifaceted typeface that can be optimized with a variety of programs and software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, and many more.

What kind of text style the Manyland typeface is?

It was masterfully developed by Jason Zhao in 2012. This font is a unique handwritten typeface that includes both modern and retro design elements.

How can I download the Manyland Font?

It is very simple to download the typeface from our site. Just go to the download section and tap on the download button to begin the downloading procedure.

Is Manyland Font safe on my computer?

Yes, it is safe for your both operating systems PC and MAC. We have tried this text style on distinctive working systems.

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